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What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate acts as third-party verification for a website’s security. It verifies the strength of the Secure Socket Layer encryption used when a user connects to the site and connects that encryption to the organization or individual that owns and maintains the website. SSL certification and validation are a necessary piece of web security for any business that collects information from its users.

Different SSL certificates provide different levels of security, depending on the level of protection and security features your website and its users need. You may be familiar with visual elements such as Site Seals, the HTTPS:// protocol appearing in the URL, and the green bar, but there are less-visible functions that help protect your website and visitors.

No matter what level of security you choose, your users will recognize that your site is safe, and that leads to greater trust in your brand online.

Organization Validation (OV)

OV is Ideal for securing sites that take in customer info and require login credentials. Site owner information is verified by the Certificate Authority.

        Dynamic Site Seal allows you to tell users
        Visitors can check company/organizational information, ensuring greater user trust
        Paperwork needed

You may manage your SSL certificates (including renewal and re-issuance) in your Account Panel.

SSL Certification in Four Easy Steps

After you purchase an SSL certificate, it needs to be activated. After activation, you’ll receive installation instructions. From that point, you can manage your certificate in the GreenGrass  Account Panel.

Buy It
Begin by purchasing the right SSL certificate for your needs. Choose from the three types listed above.

Activate It
You’ll be able to activate your SSL certificate from the Account Panel immediately after purchase (or at a later time, if you choose.) CSR code assignment and domain name indication will occur during the activation process.

Install It
You will receive instructions on how to install your SSL certificate once it has been validated and issued.

Manage It
You may manage your SSL certificates (including renewal and reissuance) in your Account Panel.

What comes with an SSL certificate?
Every SSL certificate issued by GreenGrass comes with these great features.

SSL Site Seal

The site seal offers visual proof of the security provided by your website’s SSL certificate. It’s so important, in fact, that it’s become the main reason many website owners and managers buy an SSL certificate as most web users know to look for it. Seals vary in appearance depending on the type of SSL certificate issued, but they all mean the same thing: your user’s data is protected.

Top-Tier Support

GreenGrass is known for providing best-in-class customer service thanks to our stellar support team. GreenGrass support staffers are some of the most polite, helpful people in the business, with a wealth of knowledge about every product and service we offer. You can rest easy knowing that they’re available 24/7 to answer your questions and offer advice about your SSL certificate purchase.

Browser Ubiquity

GreenGrasss experts have hand-picked our SSL certificate selection to ensure the broadest popular browser compatibility. Our certificates are supported by all the popular browsers, which means that whichever one you use will recognize GreenGrass SSL verification, keeping the browsing experience hassle-free. Your users will never wonder if the company issuing the certificate is real or whether protection is guaranteed.
Encryption Level

The level of security provided by an SSL certificate is determined by the number of bits used to generate the encryption key. That key is then used to encrypt the data. Most of our SSL certificates use either 256-bit or 128-bit encryption, depending on the capabilities of web browser and server. Both 256- and 128-bit are industry standard for data protection.

Why GreenGrass for Security

You should be able to count on your website security, without counting the cost. That’s why we offer you the best cheap SSL certificates in the industry. It’s all about providing the right SSL certificate price for your digital business or project. This is part of our overall commitment to online security and privacy. We will always support consumer rights in the digital world. It’s our mission to keep the Internet safe for everyone. Your ability to buy SSL certificates cheaply is just the start, although still extremely important… Obviously.

You should have access to the best, at the best SSL price humanly possible. A cheap SSL certificate should never mean compromising on quality. If it’s not good for your website or business, you won’t find it here at GreenGrass. Every one of our cheap SSL certs has been hand-picked to make sure it delivers the encryption both you and your website’s visitors demand. We also offer free domains with many of our cheap SSL deals, adding even greater value on top.
World-Leading Customer Service

Our SSL certificates might come at a low price, but that doesn’t mean we cut back on your ongoing customer service. Our friendly Support Team is packed full of experience and expertise, and is also ready to help with any queries or questions you might have day or night. 24 hour, dedicated help is only ever a few clicks or taps away when you buy cheap SSL certificates at GreenGrass.
Show Off Your Security

You may have the best website design money can buy, and UX that’s second to none. Your website’s copy might even be worthy of a literature award – even after it was optimized to the absolute maximum by your SEO guru. The world’s greatest products at the worlds greatest prices could be flashing brightly in front of your customers’ eyes... But it won’t mean anything if your website isn’t secure.

In today’s world of ecommerce crime, virus attacks, and cyber scams, customers need reassurance that your website is safe. From the moment they arrive, they are looking for signs of your security – and an SSL certificate is the perfect way to make sure they know their data or payments are safe. 90% of consumers have canceled a transaction because of security concerns. Whereas 97% feel safer on websites with, for example, an EV SSL certificate.
Secure More Search Success

The biggest names in the search engine industry, like Google and Mozilla, have now also caught up with the modern world of digital security. That’s why they now mark websites without trusted SSL certificates as ‘Not Secure’. Such websites now get pushed to the bottom of the search results, where no one will trust or find them. Make sure you always rise to the top of the rankings by investing in an SSL certificate today. No risks, just great returns on your security investment

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